I. TUITION FEES (all prices include VAT):

1. Standard group (4-5 students): NIS 70 per academic hour;

2. Mini-groups: 3-4 students - NIS 75; 2 students - 80;

3. Individual sessions: NIS 105. From mid-course on (after approximately 30-36 hours) individual students are entitled to a discount.

Students register for six academic hours only, each time. At first registration they receive 2 extra hours free (i.e. 8 hours for 6) as introductory bonus. In mid-course students receive a 1/3 discount in the form of extra lesson time free of charge.


Advance payment for 6 hours individually or in mini-group; different arrangements for larger groups.


Students receive all learning material free of charge. In addition, they will receive two free books with CDs or cassettes, in the middle and towards the end of the course, upon attainment of appropriate level.


Only individual cancellations are refundable, provided there has been 24-hour notice. Messages must be left on both college and mobile answering machines. Same day adjustments possible if convenient to both tutor and student.

Note: Preliminary testing, interview and professional guidance are free of charge.

AMBER CENTER FOR ENGLISH is a private language school that maintains all the advantages of teaching in small groups and individually. It has a unique methodology integrating the more traditional Oxford approach, which selects the best elements from several time-tested methods of teaching languages, with psycholinguistics, psychodrama, imago training and suggestive techniques. It is situated in downtown Jerusalem, on the border between city center and Rehavia, in a quiet green neighbourhood. There are two paid parking lots just round the corner, and it is usually possible to park the car in one of the numerous little streets nearby not to mention the many buses serving the area. So the logistics are splendid.

Our approach also makes extensive use of songs, ranging from old time classics of Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra to the best of the best from pop icons of today. After working through a number of songs students listen to those they have rated highly, in a suggestion (or guided language imagery and meditation) session containing elements of hypnosis. Most students enjoy and welcome these sessions, but for the minority who dont relate to songs the alternatives are offered that further their progress with a similar degree of success.

Head of the school is a graduate of and former lecturer at University of London who holds degrees both in English Literature and Psychology; there are also two assistant teachers, British and American native speakers.

Approximately half of our students study in groups and half individually; their needs vary from speaking and understanding the language to passing job interviews and a wide range of exams and tests, among them Matriculation, Psychometric, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT.

Interviewing, testing and advising applicants on their optimal study framework is free of charge. If a student registers following another students recommendation, the latter receives two academic hours free. If a ready-made group (2 students and above, of approximately the same level of proficiency in English) enrols, each student in the group receives 20% discount . From mid-course on students receive over 30% extra time with no extra payment. First guided meditation (hypno-suggestion) session free of charge.


I enjoyed studying at the Center, especially the songs and the hypno-suggestion sessions. The songs introduced me to the best kind of modern spoken English, while offering things to talk and write about (whats going on in the songs, whats happening between the people there and why, does the music suit the words and so on), and listening to them during hypno-suggestion improved my pronunciation and made it easier to remember idioms. After a few songs and a couple of sessions my English friends said my accent had greatly improved.


The most effective part of my course at Amber Center was psychodrama: it not only helped my English but also made me less stressed and a calmer and happier person.


I benefited from everything in the Center, from the traditional to the more experimental, but was what worked for me most was imago-training because Im naturally absent-minded and this helped me learn how to concentrate. So I both learned English, starting at the Center from what they called zero plus and finishing on the advanced level, and improved my attentive skills.


Learning at Amber was great fun. In my two years there I progressed from Beginners to Advanced and passed my TOEFL for an American university. I liked the songs best because I dislike grammar and the song offer the same thing as textbooks only in a thousand times more lively way. Im musical, so I sang along. Also, I had a slight suspicion (call it paranoia) that the English in books is somehow exemplary, not a 100% real thing but an instrument for teaching. Songs are not suspect in this way: thats how people really speak. Writing essays about them prepared me for compositions on the TOEFL, and listening and filling in the blanks, for the listening part of this exam. I followed Eugenes advice and learned by heart those songs which I liked, and that helped me remember many words and phrases and made my English more idiomatic.


Everything at Amber Center was interesting, even grammar which Ive always hated. The songs helped a lot, of course, and what they call psychodrama: playing out the dialogues as if on stage. I really felt like an actor, and an English one at that!



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